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Usage Instruction for the New Anti-forging Labels of CCIC Traceability


Since October 2017, the new anti-forging traceability labels have officially launched on the Commodity Export to China Traceability Services Platform of CCIC.

The new labels have been upgraded from the following three aspects:

  1. Upgrade the traceability code and anti-forging code.


The new anti-forging traceability label has been integrated to the unified format, which has a size of 2.5cm*3.5cm. The digit of traceability code has been upgraded from 16 digits to 25 digits; and the codes are uniformly obtained from the national logo management and public service platform of IoT.

  1. Information of commodities can be inquired before purchasing.

Consumers can scan the QR code on the new anti-forging traceability labels before they buying the commodities, to check the instruction, origin information, liability company, related batch number and shipment, etc. It is helpful for the improvement of code scanning frequency and consumers’ interests.

  1. Upgrade to the new anti-forging mode

Scratch off the anti-forging coating of the labels, and input the 4-digits anti-forging code in the query box in the bottom of the commodity display page. Click inquiry to show the anti-forging information.

The usage of the new new anti-forging traceability labels is as follows:

1. Consumer scan the QR code on the labels before they purchasing the commodities.
2. View the commodity information page to see the batch number, commodity instruction, seller profile, etc.
3. Scratch off the anti-forging coating after purchasing, to verify the authenticity.
4. Input the 4-digit anti-forging codes to view the results.